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Bare Cheek

Bare Cheek
&copy Martin Smith

Autumn Makeup

Go bare cheek, skip blush and opt for dark berry red lips for a modern gothic look!

Autumn shoot inspired by wonderful headdresses designed and hand crafted by Kathryn Russell. Kathryn has amassed an enormous portfolio of incredible work which made selecting the pieces for my shoot almost impossible! Each piece is beautifully hand made intricately detailed, every pearl, jewel and gem hand picked and placed  with care. The showroom itself is a magical treasure trove of exquisite craftsmanship. Amongst vintage furniture, birdcages, curiosities and other miscellaneous finds, combs, tiaras, crowns, wands, bouquets and table decorations adorn every surface.

Hair was vintage inspired from 1920’s Marcel waves to fuller, looser curls of the 1930’s and later, gentle waves that partially cascade and conceal one eye, so reminiscent of 1940’s Veronica Lake. Makeup is deliberately understated complementing the accessories being showcased. Minimal and matt with a little brow definition and mascara applied only to the top lashes. Cheeks are left bare and lips are stained in a dark berry shade with colour pressed on in layers to achieve depth and the illusion that the colour comes from within. Using fingers to apply lipstick gives a beautiful and natural finish.

This shoot was in collaboration with fantastic Northeast creatives, Photographer Martin Smith, Headdresses Kathryn Russell, Model Katherine Lees, Hair & Makeup Victoria Forshaw.

Bare Cheek
© Martin Smith
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