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Sophia Loren Inspired Eyes

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Sophia Loren Inspired Eyes

In this video I demonstrate a bolder bridal eye makeup look. Sophia Loren inspired eyes, perfect for achieving a defined look when wearing a birdcage veil.

Bridal Makeup

When researching Sophia Loren, it is immediately apparent that her makeup is all about the eye makeup! The eyes are boldly lined in black and extended to give the appearance of larger wide awake eyes.  No doubt that this is a bold choice for a wedding but it is a classic look nonetheless. I have recreated the look, Sophia Loren inspired eyes in the video below using these simple steps:

The eyes are lined with black gel liner top and bottom and extended outwards to give the illusion of longer more almond shaped cat eyes. Black mascara is applied to thicken and extend the eyelashes and false lashes are applied to further define the eye makeup. Eyeshadow is neutral, softly contouring the socket and brow bone. Brows are groomed and defined but not heavy. Lips and cheeks are kept low key and classic, a neutral shade of blush is softly applied defining cheekbones and lips are painted in peach or pink nude tones.

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