Dried flowers

I love dried flowers, to me, they are the most exciting materials to work with. Some of my most interesting arrangements have been composed of dried materials. Wonderful texture, lightness, delicacy and movement can be achieved in design work and because they are reusable they make for an environmentally conscious choice. Many designs can be a combination of dried and fresh flowers all year round adding a whimsical note to spring and summer arrangements.

Drying flowers is a very old tradition but long gone are the dusty old arrangements of the 1980’s.

Wherever possible I endeavour to dry my own materials here at home so that I can take control of the process, experiment and discover along the way.

I like to work with dried flowers in a variety ways, creating floral arrangements is one way. I also love to photograph them and they are a very useful prop in my beauty work as a makeup artist.

If you would like to join me in my love affair with dried flowers you can purchase mixed bouquets here all available for contactless delivery.