Pins Petals Powder | Victoria Forshaw


It is lovely to now welcome clients into my studio for individual beauty appointments. The studio is a rare gem of a space tucked into the eaves of a grade II listed Arts & Crafts building. The natural, soft north facing light lends itself so well to makeup artistry, never harsh or artificial. The studio is often filled with flowers lending itself beautifully as a place of serenity and retreat.

I have nine years experience working as a freelance artist within the wedding industry and preceding that worked as a trainee makeup artist with the BBC. Makeup artistry is integral to the floral arrangements that I create for my clients as I am inherently curious about the whole person.

Having worked with many bridal clients over the years I have learned the power and transformative effect that makeup can have. Its ability to ease tension through ritual, touch and application is fascinating to me. 

Whilst special occasions are lovely and joyous occasions I always aim to find meaningful moments in daily routines. Makeup artistry and flower arranging are wonderful ways to do this in an immersive space dedicated to both. 

My makeup artistry is always centred around a natural skin look that is healthy and vibrant. Makeup is applied in light layers and veils of colour to create beautiful and soft definition. Inspiration comes from the delicate tones found amongst the flowers that surround me. When flowers dry, their colours soften and it is this palette that is so wonderful at lifting the skin in a natural way.  

A makeup lesson would make a lovely gift for someone planning a special occasion to quietly navigate makeup in a peaceful setting. A makeup application  is for anyone who wants to learn about artistry with tips and techniques to take away. Either way you will leave feeling confident and nourished with new skills for everyday makeup application.