Pins Petals Powder | Victoria Forshaw

Studio Workshops

All studio workshops are centred around creativity, being in the moment and self discovery. Yoga, drawing and knitting classes meet each week. Flower workshops, scissor dolly and art with makeup are offered monthly. We welcome group bookings and celebrations too.


Flowers are wonderful. I love dried flowers for their texture and muted tones, their longevity of course, their adaptability and the fact that they can be reused again and again. I also really enjoy fresh flowers. For their vibrancy, delicacy and scent. I have a selection of fresh seasonal flowers every Friday and Saturday alongside my offering of dried flowers and arrangements.

Makeup Application

My makeup discovery came relatively late in my career. After earning myself ‘student of the year’ at college and subsequently training with the BBC I realised that makeup can be hugely transformative in a number of ways that benefit the soul. To explore these, my makeup experiences are gentle and encouraging with lots of tips and tricks to take away from each session. I offer a free 15 minute chat ahead of makeup bookings to help you choose the route that is right for you.


Gift Card


I stock a small selection of accessories to help you in your creative pursuits.