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Learn floristry with me at The Flower Folk

I feel deep passion for teaching floristry and creativity. I love to feel connected to nature and I love to work with my hands. I feel so strongly about sharing my skills and knowledge and in turn I love to learn. It has been so important in my 20 year career for me to master my traditional floristry skills and have enjoyed wonderful experiences over the years. The future of floristry inspires new ideas and techniques driven in part by the need to be more sustainable in our work. Nature brings fresh opportunities for creativity and discovery all year round providing continuous learning and experimentation.

Engaging in floristry is so rewarding with many benefits. It allows you to express creativity, improve focus and concentration reduce stress and enhance your appreciation for nature. Additionally, it can be a meditative practice and a way to connect with others through thoughtful gifts or event decorations.

I am so excited to be helping to expand and lead the programme of workshops offered at The Flower Folk, a gorgeous Jesmond based flower shop situated on Brentwood Avenue. I can’t wait to share my passion for flowers and nature and embrace this chance to inspire creativity and connect with the community.

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